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Why Papers

Our why papers are authoritative reports or guides to inform readers in a concise manner about a complex issue. They present our philosophy and position on the matter. They are meant to help the reader better understand an issue, address a problem or make a decision.


A primary theme for the Belton High School community is “Why?” Why do we do what we do? What is the purpose of a particular action, assignment, program decision, and so on. Repeatedly asking ourselves “Why?” reminds us to be intentional and achieve our stated mission to “prepare BHS students for their future.”

We intend to use these BHS “Why papers” to clarify some of the issues and topics that may be hard to understand. We wholeheartedly believe that we should expect to achieve the level of excellence we pursue. Our best opportunity to achieve excellence is to build upon the partnership and the trust we share with our families and Belton community. We seek to accomplish this through enhanced awareness.



Do you have a "why" that you want answered? Let us know by emailing us.